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J.W. Goodman

Goodman Manufacturing Company, Inc. began in 1909, when John William (JW) Goodman purchased a vanilla formula that was superior to what was available in stores. It was a double strength formula that wouldn’t freeze or bake out. At the time, a similar vanilla was marketed by a competitor door to door. However, JW wanted to sell his product to grocery stores.

In 1927 JW moved his family to Carthage Missouri and started producing vanilla and selling it to grocery stores. Over the years Goodmans has developed a wide variety of flavors, becoming a “full line” flavoring and extract manufacturer. As the business grew, they moved from making flavorings in their basement to a production facility in Carthage Missouri.

In 2003 Robert & Connie Goodman, JW’s grandson sold the business to Mike and Michelle Kimrey. The Kimrey’s continue to produce the same high quality products on which the company was founded. To this day, the formulas have remained virtually unchanged. Our customers have grown to rely on our old fashioned quality flavorings.

Our vanilla isn’t like most you will find on the market.  Our vanillas are based on old fashioned formulas, virtually unchanged since our inception.  We use a combination of pure vanilla and imitation flavors with only a small amount of alcohol to arrive at our Goodman’s Double Strength Imitation Vanilla.  Our Pure Vanilla is made from the highest quality vanilla beans in the world. All products are hand mixed for quality assurance and are 100% guaranteed. Goodman products can be found in grocery stores and large retail discount stores in parts of Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. If your grocer doesn’t carry our products, please ask for them.

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