Caramel Frosting Recipe

This Caramel Frosting recipe uses Goodman’s Natural Butter Extract and Goodman’s Natural Caramel Flavor to make a melt-in-your-mouth topper!


Caramel Frosting

Melts in your mouth…buttery and delicious!
Keyword Goodman’s Natural Butter Extract, Goodman’s Natural Caramel Flavor


  • ½ cup butter
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • ¼ cup milk
  • ½ tsp Goodman's Natural Caramel Flavor
  • ¼ tsp Goodman's Natural Butter Extract
  • 1 ¾ to 2 cups powdered sugar


  • Melt butter, add brown sugar, and cook over low heat 2 minutes, stirring constantly.
  • Add milk and Goodman's Flavors, continue stirring until mixture comes to a boil.
  • Remove from heat and cool.
  • Add powdered sugar until right consistency to spread.
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