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I'd like to start out by telling how much I love your product. I'm just an at home baker, but I stumbled across your Double Strength vanilla maybe 8 years ago and it's my absolute favorite. Baking is my therapy (or maybe it's actually eating sweets😂), so I use it a lot. I recently moved to Las Vegas and was heartbroken I couldn't find it anywhere so I was very excited I could get it online. I had no idea you had all the other flavorings.

Holly H.

Las Vegas, Nevada


I have a cottage bakery out of my kitchen and sell cupcakes/birthday cakes/wedding cakes, etc. So I go through a lot of vanilla, and I am pretty picky about which vanilla I use. I also enjoy creating my own recipes for different cake flavor combinations. So when the vanilla was good, I purchased the strawberry, banana, and butter flavors. I have used them over the last year or so for different orders and always liked the flavors.

Amy S.

keystone, iowa

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